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pretty girl, unpopular guy

I don’t get it! Well he started to talk to me and I got the wrong impression about him so I was really assertive in pursuing him.

I think Hubble 3d is very good

What sent me over the boohooing edge was an overpoweringly beautiful shot of the astronauts at work with Hawaii 325 miles behind them, shimmering in the blue, blue Pacific.

Let me recommend The perks of being a wallflower

parents and teens might not want to watch it together, but they sure will want to talk about it afterwards.

Charleston grill charleston Overview

The Thai grouper I had was wonderful.

I read his Facebook messages

At first, his messages were innocent and polite, but as the weeks progressed, they became more flirtatious. So, I opened his message inbox out of curiosity and a little suspicion.

Could it be disadvantageous to post your relationship status on Facebook?

And then to change it to “it’s complicated” when you have a bad fight, and then back to “in a relationship” when you make up?� Is it better to lay low rather than let the world know about your relationship?

My parents think we are together to much

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 10 months… we want to be aroung each other everyday all the time… i make him happy and he makes me happy. My parents and his parents think that we are to close and need time alone but i dont understand why..

We are dating but don’t talk

We have been dating for 2 months now but we have only talked or hung out for maybe 14 days out of the whole relationship.

The beverly hills hotel beverly hills Thoughts

The landscaping crews must have worked very hard to maintain the royal national london these grounds.

Note to self: Put Zeddy outside or in his kennel when prepping veggies for juicing

sometimes I think he was a vegan at Woodstock in a past life.